and feel empowered

A Self-Paced Programme for ambitious women to journey IN- get intimate & build an unconditional relationship with yourself, feel worthy of your desires, and unlock your personal power. 

You dream of enjoying solitude without judgements? Feeling confident, healthy, and happy in your own skin? And waking up every morning with ease, right?
Want to be able to feel peaceful regardless of what life (& the extroverted world) throws at you?

And you knooowww that creating healthy habits and prioritising your own needs & well being is the best way to live authentically & confidently, you've seen others doing it, and doing it well, so you know it works.

But let me take a guess, for some reason it’s not working? Or maybe you literally have no idea where to start. Trust me I get it. There's yoga, mindfulness, journaling, affirmations, gratitude practice, rituals & learning about chakras, & more..it’s overwhelming!

What if I told you it’s more than possible, and it’s pretty easy when you know how!

When you

>>Have a step-by-step guide that feels aligned with your truth
>>Are doing the inner work to keep your self beliefs high & doubts at bay
>>And you have the right support to remain accountable

Your life starts to feel free, tranquil, & peaceful.

This is for you if...

  • You are ready to step into the true version of you
  • You want to be a happy, motivated, positive person
  • ​You are ready to put yourself first & create healthy boundaries
  • You are open to try new practices that will benefit your wellbeing
  • ​You are willing to get out of your comfort zone & add colour to your life
  • ​You want long term changes with your mental & physical health
  • ​You are interested in yoga beyond the physical practice
  • ​You want to discover how balancing your chakras can help you live authentically
  • ​You want to take your power back & live confidently
  • ​You are done not feeling good enough but don't know where to start


  • You are closed minded & are not willing to challenge your thoughts and actions
  • ​ Want quick fixes, the idea of a magic wand or pill is great but it's like learning a language, you just have to put in the time and effort
  • ​You are going to quit when it becomes tough & challenging
  • You are not ready to invest the time, money & energy into creating a life where you can say goodbye to worrying about what others think & how you show up
"Today is the start of a new phase of me and I'm so glad you inspired me to join you and learn some of your wisdom. Thank you."


This self-paced programme was originally created for introverts to have a safe platform to be themselves as they go onto a deep journey of self re-discovery (you do not need to be an introvert to join, just a willingness to discover introspection). It is an Online Course & Mentorship for those of you who are ready to show up authentically in all aspects of your life but feel overwhelmed on where to start. I put all my trainings & experiences into this programme so that I can provide a step-by-step guide to rewire your beliefs, build your self esteem & confidence so that you can finally journey back to your true self. Because my dear beautiful soul, you deserve all the success, abundance, & peace.

This programme is jam packed, and you can expect to experience chakra healing, yoga philosophy, mindset & mindfulness practices, meditation, yoga, affirmations, journaling, & much more, so that you can live your dreams with purpose and intention. You also get action plans & HW every week. The best thing? You can start implementing these from DAY 1 and it will get you the results that you want in 3 months!

Think of it as your black dress in your cupboard. It can be for anything you want it to be, you always go back to it in a time of uncertainty, you simply need it, and it just looks good no matter the occasion.

Don't worry, I will be there every step of the way... all I ask is you have an open heart & mind to take it a day at a time...
Here are the modules:

Module 1 - Getting Started & Programme Overview | Mutual Expectations of how to show up in the programme

Module 2 - Yoga & Beyond | Creating your Vision & Mission

Module 3 - You are Not Alone

Module 4 - Setting Boundaries

Module 5 - Confidence Within

Module 6 - Acceptance

Module 7 - Find your Voice

Module 8 - Trust your Intuition

Module 9 - Recharge your Batteries

Module 10 - I am Empowered


Honestly, the best investment this year! I opted in for a VIP option to get 1:1 access with Katrina and that for me is life changing! I feel like I can live my life how I want to... I still need to work on my boundaries tho!     
Katrina is magic. I need to get my hands on whatever she puts out there.
I had doubts at first... but after jumping on a call with Katrina, all my worries melted away.
She puts you at ease and will let you know which programme is right for you! Whatever you decide, dont put it off, speak to her and I promise you wont regret it!
I have been struggling for a while now with depression and anxiety. Ive tried medications as I want to feel better but nothing worked. Im so glad I found Katrina as she introduced me to a new way. I did not have any experience with yoga & mindfulness but her energy drawed me into it. Now I'm obsessed! I honestly look forward to my morning routine now!
Do it, do it, do it! I have a better relationship with my partner because of this.

I stopped hiding away in silence and found my voice. And i have to say, now i feel confident in my own skin, even wore a dress the other night!!!

The mastermind literally just brought me back to my child like personality and im smitten!
I wasn't necessarily looking for a career change... but I wanted a different way of living-- finding a work- life balance as i struggled being a perfectionist and always putting others first.

I know that its a long journey to reinforce self care, but I am getting there thanks to you.


✓ Into to yoga philosophy and power of Chakras and how you can apply it in your business & life

✓ Lifetime access to the online course portal with 10 Modules so you can practice anytime, anywhere

✓ Worksheets throughout the course to implement what you have learnt

✓ Lifetime Group Call monthly

✓ 4x 1:1 Coaching Calls to support your individual goals *for VIPs only*

✓ Be part of a PRIVATE community that supports, celebrates, and inspire you every step of the way & support from me

✓BONUS 1: Yoga & Meditation Library

✓BONUS 2: Journal prompts to track your progress

By the end of UNRAVEL YOUR TRUTH you will...

Feel aligned, powerful, and confident in your own skin to tackle the extroverted world

Have a morning ritual that you are happy with to start the day with more energy & an evening ritual to wind down and re-energise

Accept yourself unconditionally

Have an overflowing abundance of self love

Know your self worth

Know and practiced setting clear boundaries

Prioritise yourself and your wellbeing first, never pouring from an empty cup again

Feel positive and capable to achieve and make reality

Have a plan and tools on how to manage your mental wellbeing

Improve your mental & physical health

Have a solid self care plan that you know works for you ready for the tough days

Gain respect from those around you

No longer need others approval to make you happy

Feel so connected and inspired to communicate confidently & clearly

Embrace ease and live in peace

I could keep going from the results that women have shared with me so far... it's time for you to find out!

If you are absolutely ready to feel incredible about yourself and your life, and are READY for a real transformation, then I am right for you.

Because I have been there myself… I have been putting on someone else's shoes pretending to like my life, whilst behind doors always comparing & looking for validation. I now know that the change can happen! I can support you through this!

I have done it for myself and many others, so I know it's possible for you too!

I would love to guide you on the beautiful journey of self acceptance.


If you’re ready to truly transform your life and step into the power of being the empowered Self you know deep down you are, then hit below to register!

UNRAVEL YOUR TRUTH is worth £3,375+

Join now for as little as £987!


Want to get 4x 60-minute bespoke 1:1 Coaching sessions with me PLUS 12 weeks On Demand Voxer support? Sign up for the VIP option today for just £1,875! *Please note I only take 5 VIP students, so don't wait and get booking!

*payment plans available for VIP. Please email me directly at kat@whyknotme.co.uk or DM me on IG.

About Katrina

Katrina is a Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Life Coach, Ayurveda Massage Therapist, a former professional dancer and proud introvert.

I believe that my creative route and portfolio allows me to be individual and personal to creating a programme designed specifically for you. I combine all these modalities to create a well rounded and practical life hack so that you can step into your power and live UNAPOLOGETICALLY your TRUE SELF.
Still unsure if this is for you?

DM me on IG and I'll tell you exactly if this is the right next step for you.

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