It's time to RELAX into your BEING, UNRAVEL your TRUE SELF
and follow your dreams
Create a life that feels like the depth of the ocean, breathtaking as sunsets, and fun like ice creams.
You and I both know that you are here to live the life of your dreams! And you and I both know that you are as unique as your goals. You are put on this planet to fall in love with your life, to breathe, to expand, to grow, to be in the moment! But you and I also know that finding peace with yourself and the life worth living can be challenging (maybe even impossible!) to do on your own. The right Life Coach will not only transform your life, but the life of others too.

Inside my VIP Coaching Programme, I work with driven women who has had enough, who are tired of hiding away from who they truly are and who are ready to step into their own power and say goodbye to their ego.

If you are looking to feel confident, empowered, aligned, energised, in love with your life, and above all FINALLY who you were BORN to be, then this is for you!


Click below to submit your application and schedule an interview to explore if we're a match.
*VIP Coaching is by application only*


  • You're an ambitious woman who is READY to build confidence with ease but don't know where to start
  • ​You have an idea on how to live mentally & physically healthy but need support with consistency & discipline
  • ​You know what you WANT to live in a state of ABUNDANCE but getting there is another story
  • ​You know you have a true gift but need support sparking the light in your soul
  • ​You are ready to INVEST in yourself and have the support of a coach
  • ​You know deep down that when you can be your BEST & TRUE self you will have the success you deserve in all aspects of your life

Imagine if...

  • You can wake up with ease and looking forward to the day ahead
  • You could feel confident and empowered in your own skin
  • You could have the support of someone who has been in your shoes and isn’t going to judge your healing journey
  • ​You could understand the importance of self care & self love and how it really works
  • ​You could start living the life that you have manifested and reach your dreams
  • ​You could finally be happy and be at peace with yourself and others
  • ​You could let go of any insecurities, people pleasing and start to put yourself first
  • ​You could live as your highest self and leave your ego behind


    Now is YOUR TIME! I am here for you, I have been there. I blamed myself and thought that there was something wrong with me. I keep thinking if only I wore this, if I'm confident in doing this, if I was someone else.
     I became a perfectionist, an over achiever, and people pleaser because I felt that whatever I did or say were not enough. I felt dull and unsatisfied, always chasing for the next qualification, the next destination, the next relationship... and one day I realised that I will never be genuinely happy by running away from who I truly am.

    And now I GET IT. And I am here to help you truly understand what it takes to create a life full of intention and purpose!

    My 1:1 is the highest level to work with me, so I only take 3 clients at a time to give you the best support! Apply down below or send me a DM on Instagram


    • Feeling fulfilled at the end of the day!
    • Practising a morning routine that works for you!
    • Like you had a coach that really has your back & celebrates you!
    • ​People noticing how much happier & confident you are in your skin!
    • ​Expressing yourself with authority and clarity!
    • ​Feeling mentally & physically healthy!


    I have been struggling for a while now with depression and anxiety. Ive tried medications as I want to feel better but nothing worked. Im so glad I found Katrina as she introduced me to a new way. I did not have any experience with yoga & mindfulness but her energy drawed me into it. Now I'm obsessed! I honestly look forward to my morning routine now!
    "I really enjoyed the programme because it really changed my mindset. I knew I wasn't alone. It also helped me to move forward and letting go on people who don't value me. It's also aloud me to step back and take more control on my life without worrying about what others think. "
    Kat has a massive amount of knowledge, insight and compassion and she communicates this with sensitivity and insight. She sees the world in a realistic but calm way and radiates this emotion in a gentle and peaceful way. 
    My life has more depth after taking part in this amazing and transformational course
    It’s been a wonderful experience and really transforming. I have the resources too which I can keep referring to.
    It was a massive amount of work for you and it so shows in every single aspect. It’s a course that embodies and advocated so many aspects and components. It’s full of authenticity and genuine care
    I wasn't necessarily looking for a career change... but I wanted a different way of living-- finding a work- life balance as i struggled being a perfectionist and always putting others first.

    I know that its a long journey to reinforce self care, but I am getting there thanks to you.
    Do it, do it, do it! I have a better relationship with my partner because of this.

    I stopped hiding away in silence and found my voice. And i have to say, now i feel confident in my own skin, even wore a dress the other night!!!

    The mastermind literally just brought me back to my child like personality and im smitten!


    ✓ reinforcing guilt free & sustainable boundaries

    ✓ getting clear on your desires, what matters to you, & what lights you up

    ✓ self-love & self care routines personally created for you

    ✓ cultivating calm & confidence in your daily life

    ✓ finding your inner power to communicate and voice your opinions with clarity & ease

    ✓ support while you navigate shifting/changing careers OR creating a more introvert-friendly environment in your current work space

    ✓ introducing more fun & joy

    ✓ stretching your comfort zone & take intentional + aligned actions

    ✓ building empowerment & trust in your introvert-extrovert relationship

    ✓ manifesting your short term & long term goals

    ✓ overall wellbeing- mentally, physically, spiritually, & emotionally

    ✓...+ more! this is YOUR journey. I'm here to support you. And if you're unsure if I can support you with your current needs right now, DM me on Instagram & let's chat.

    I'm not your average Life Coach, I have years of experience in meditation, breath work, mindfulness, and yoga which is reflected on my coaching style. This is not just about the strategy & tools, I combine the power of mindset and energetics to support you.

    Let's Do it!

    Option 1: I'm All In Package

    This is for those who are serious about their healing & transformational journey and who is open to make long lasting shifts to reach their desires.

    ✓Bi-weekly 1:1 60min  Zoom Call

    ✓Voxer Support Monday - Friday

    ✓Bespoke support

    ✓Any programs & workshops running at the time of enrolment

    ✓Call recording and any links, worksheets, & resources that would benefit your journey

    ✓3 months minimum commitment

    Investment: £888/month

    Please note I only take in 3 clients at a time who are ready to go ALL IN so that you receive the best support. To have a better understanding if we are a great fit & if I can support you, please fill in the application below to apply.

    Option 2: Voxer Only Package

    The most introvert-friendly coaching service

    This is for busy & ambitious introverts that require flexibility in their support or feel more comfortable reaching out via messages and voice notes instead of scheduled calls. Think of it as having a coach in your pocket, a message away to support you if anything arises. Voxer only support is great if you need daily accountability, & time to reflect and implement before responding and/or sharing your insights and thoughts.

    ✓Voice Note & Messaging support 10am-3pm Monday-Friday

    ✓Bespoke & flexible support

    ✓Resources to support your journey

    ✓Monthly subscription (you can cancel anytime before payment date)

    Investment: £777/monthly

    Spaces are limited depending on my availability. To have a better understanding if we are a great fit & if I can support you, please fill in the application below to apply.

    Option 3: Monthly Retainer Package

    For those who have worked with me before and are interested in monthly check ins to keep you accountable in your dreams and success.

    ✓Monthly 1:1 60 minute Coaching Call

    ✓2 weeks Voxer Support after call

    ✓Call recording and any links, worksheets, & resources that would benefit your journey

    ✓3 months minimum commitment

    Investment: £555/monthly

    Spaces are limited depending on my availability. To have a better understanding if we are a great fit & if I can support you, please fill in the application below to apply.

    Unsure which package is right for you?

    One Off Dream Deep Dive Session

    For those who want to test the water before committing OR simply need a one off intensive session.

    ✓1:1 90 minute Coaching Call

    ✓1 week Voxer Support after call

    ✓Call notes

    Investment: £347

    Let's connect in the DMs

    Fill in the application below and I will reach out to you via email or IG DMs within 48 hours. Or you can simply just drop me a DM on IG and let's have a quick chat.
    "After jumping on a call with Katrina, all my worries melted away."

    About Katrina

    Katrina is a Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Life Coach, Ayurveda Massage Therapist, a former professional dancer and Founder of Why Knot Escapes- a company that specialises in self-care.

    I believe that my creative route and portfolio allows me to be individual and personal to creating a programme designed specifically for you. I combine all these modalities to create a well rounded and practical life hack so that you can step into your power and live UNAPOLOGETICALLY your TRUE SELF.
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